The San Francisco attorneys of Locker Folberg LLP are proven leaders in employment law and have collectively recovered millions of dollars in wages, penalties, and restitution for workers in California. We have the experience to help workers enforce their rights and get paid the wages they are entitled to!

Who we are: Miles Locker and Rachel Folberg, the attorneys of Locker Folberg LLP, are former attorneys (and chief counsel) of the State Labor Commissioner’s office (the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement).

They have dedicated their legal careers to wage and hour and other employment law matters, earning an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality legal services.

What we do and where we practice:
Litigation: We represent individual workers and groups of workers who have not been paid the wages they are entitled to.

We represent workers all over the Bay Area and California who have legal claims against their employers for: unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, missed breaks, missed or late meal periods, unpaid expenses, unpaid vacation pay, underpaid prevailing wages, misclassification as an independent contractor, and misclassification as a “manager.”

We also represent workers who have been retaliated against for asserting their right to be paid the wages they are entitled to.

Expert consulting and expert witness work: Miles Locker, former chief counsel of the Labor Commissioner’s office has been designated as an expert in wage and hour matters over 30 wage and hour cases.  He provides expert consulting in wage and hour matters in some of the largest and most important class action cases in California.

Please contact us to discuss your employment law matter.

Practice Areas

  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Missed or Late Meal Periods
  • Misclassification as an Independent Contractor
  • Misclassification as a “Manager” or Other Exempt Employee
  • Deductions from Wages
  • On-Call / Standby Time
  • Prevailing Wage / Public Works

lawsuit against Home Instead Senior Care

You may have rights to wages against Home instead Senior Care: In September 2009 we filed a lawsuit against Home Instead Senior Care located in Auburn, California and Sacramento, California for underpaying wages to its caregivers. If you worked for Home instead Senior care as a caregiver/ personal attendant/ companion between September 2009 and now you may be entitled to back wages, please contact us for more information.